About Us

Not all home inspections are created equal. If you do your research, you will find many inspectors in your area that have all different kinds of certifications and logos on their websites, and that can be confusing. Here at Bradders Property Inspection Services, LLC I like to keep things simple. Every legitimate home inspector must go through 120 hours of training in all aspects of the home and inspection process. After that there is an in-depth state test that must be passed to get a license to work. Next there is equipment, insurance and ability. What makes the difference in each inspection is quality and care in the job that they do.

At Bradders Property Inspection Services, you will find me on every job that we do. It is my company and my name on every report, so I have to get it right. As I said before, we keep it simple. We specialize in home and light commercial inspections, wind mitigations, four-point inspections, roofs, pools, spas, and sprinklers.

If you need another service, we will be happy to call someone that we trust. Talk to us about the services you need and we will get it done for you the best way possible.

Give us a try, you'll be glad you did!

Rhett Bradley
Owner & Inspector